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Barkie retriever dog with rawhide chew sticks

RAWhide chews

Our rawhide products are our speciality. They are completely odorless and have our distinctive creamy white color that looks just natural. We offer different shapes and presentations for every client needs.


RAWhide bones

Our traditional rawhide bones are carefully handcrafted and inspected one by one. We offer all sizes in natural and flavored options. They are long-lasting and completely odorless.

All our flavoring options are human-grade approved to provide a safe and mouth-watering chew to the dog

Barkie beefhide bone
Barkie different sizes of beefhide bones
Barkie flavored beefhide bones

Rawhide bones of sizes from 3"-4" to 14"-15". Custom sizes available.

Different flavoring options include meat, chicken, bbq and custom-made.

Barkie beefhide rolls and donuts

Rolls of sizes 4"-5", 9"-10" and 10"-11"

Donuts of sizes 3.5" and 5-6"

Rolls and donuts


Rolls and donuts in several sizes. Natural and flavored. Option to produce custom sizes according to client needs.

Our rolls and donuts are filled with 100% rawhide. No other ingredients are added.

Barkie beefhide rolls
Barkie beefhide donuts

Other presentations

Other shapes of our delicious rawhide. From a hide-only chicken leg shape to filled rolls with a custom recipe, we have a variety of options for our clients.

Our filled rolls are stuffed with a mix of oats and other natural ingredients to create a tasty snack with added benefits.

Barkie rawhide-only chicken legs and chips
Barkie rawhide mini rolls

Mini rolls

Barkie rawhide rolls filled
Barkie rawhide chicken legs

Chicken legs

Filled rolls

Barkie rawhide chips



ground RAWhide


Treats of 100% ground rawhide that are perfect for a quick, entertaining bite. We offer different shapes and colors that dogs love thanks its natural aroma. We have more shapes available.

We only use human-grade colorants to guarantee the safety of our products for consumption.

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