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Barkie dog surrounded with natural treats

About us

We are a Colombian private label manufacturer of high quality natural treats and rawhide chews for distributors locally and abroad

a family TRADITION

Our story began by producing rawhide bones in Bogotá, Colombia back in the early 2000s as a business opportunity. We soon found a growing space in the pet chew industry and the possibility to export high quality products from Colombia to the world. Since then, we have been improving our facility, production processes, and growing to deliver better products to the local and international markets.


As part of our commitment to quality and constant improvement, in 2018 our plant obtained the ISO-9001 certification. This helped us standardize and document our production processes, identify improvements and design plans for the future. We have been re-certificating our plant ever since.


In recent years, we launched a new product line consisting of all-natural, dehydrated beef treats for dogs. These treats are beneficial to the dogs' health, easy to digest, very tasty and a good complement to their diet. We are always looking out for new trends in the market and new business opportunities to serve better our clientes.


Today we are a trusted and reliable pet treat private label manufacturer focused on delivering the best natural treats and chews we can to our local and international clients. We have flexible packaging options so you receive exactly what you need how you need it.

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