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Barkie dog eating trachea natural treats

NATURAL treats

All-natural oven-dried, chemical-free treats that are a tasty and healthy complement to the dogs' diet. All our products come from free-range Colombian cattle and are single ingredient.


Beef gullets

Slow-dried natural beef esophagus. Easy to chew, high in chondroitin and glucosamine, which helps with joint health. Natural meat with the taste that dogs love.

Beef Gullets are high in protein with at least 50% each jerky.

Barkie beef gullets dog natural treat
Barkie beef gullet jerky
Barkie beef esophagus sticks

Gullet jerky of 5" and 12"

Gullet sticks of 5"

Barkie beef trachea dog natural treat

Beef trachea


Dehydrated beef trachea. Contains chondroitin and glucosamine which helps with joint health. Easy to chew, high in protein and low in fat. Promotes gum and dental health.

Beef trachea in 6" and 12" inches


Cow ears

Highly digestible, all-natural, low-fat cow ears. This treat is a great way to pamper a dog and quickly entertain them for hours.

Our cow ears do not contain any colorants, preservatives or added chemicals.

Barkie beef ears
Barkie beef cheek rolls

Cheek rolls


Long-lasting, highly digestible beef cheek rolls. Naturally tasty, high in protein; perfect to entertain dogs for hours. Also, is chew intensive, which helps promote clean gums and teeth.

Cheek rolls are highly digestible due to the natural part of the cow they come from.

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